Monday, April 24, 2006

oh. didn't i tell you?

oh yeah. i live like a block from this. no big deal. just the george washington bridge. i don't even care. not even a little bit.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

the vandals took the handles

i went on a trip this weekend. on friday ryan barnhart and i got in my car with no real plan and drove west and then north. we called his brother on the way and solicited a place to crash in ithaca (did you know ithaca is gorges?). we decided to stop in harmony, pennsylvania for some sight-seeing. on the way we found a 'porch sale' and i bough a red hot chili peppers cd. then we saw the banks of the susquehanna. we also saw a graveyard where emma hale's parents are buried.

anyway, i could go on and give a travel-log; however, this is a web-log, not a travel-log. so i will tell you some of the best parts, not a minute by minute recounting. we drove by a large camp site kind of place on the way to ithaca. all kinds of rv's were parked everywhere. we stopped to check out what was going on. motocross was the name of the game. all day racing on saturday. so the next day we drove to palmyra and saw all the stuff. it was good. there was a lot of stuff and a lot of new stuff that wasn't there the last time i visited. like a new temple. and the smith home (the second on the farm) is restored and 85% original. that is where joseph hid the plates and where he found out martin harris lost the 116 pages. so it was good to see all those places. and the sister missionaries were hot.

so, after palmyra we drove back down to the motocross. there was an entire parking lot full rvs and families and little kids on motorcylces. i could only think of two words to describe the whole thing. one of them is trash and one of them is white. but then i got sucked in by the entire event. i ain't never seen motocross before. so i took a lot of pictures. i include them below. hope ya'll is good.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

poseidon crouched

seven days ago i took four pictures of myself. i call them "the four portraits of an artist as a young man." and yes, my name is stephen. what is yours? is it dedalus?