Tuesday, October 17, 2006

alphius: where are you?

i think this might be the best thing i have ever seen. you may have heard it was peter's birthday the other day. well, he came home last week with a present for me. you'd think i would be getting him presents, but that lovely brought me home a book. i found this picture in it and i haven't been this happy since i found out the niels bohr model was not the latest atomic theory. if this doesn't make you happy, then maybe you should check out this out. enjoy this picture of the best thing in the entire world

Sunday, October 15, 2006


today we went to church and our stake president was there and he told us we had to get married. and marc was visiting and he didn't even feel guilty at all because he was there with his fiance and they are getting married in two weeks and six days. then, after church, they came over to our house because it is peter's birthday today (happy birthday peter) and marc started beat boxing (he's real good, you know) and i threw down some fat rhymes--i was old schoolin' it and not even caring--not even a little bit. after, we went up to scarsdale to eat with peter's aunt, uncle and his parents (all of whom are great and i think we should get together with all of them more often) and on the way home marc started beat boxin' again and i couldn't help but throwin' it down yet again. it was a good day and it made for a good birthday--at least it was a good birthday celebration for me, even though it wasn't my birthday (it was peter's--he hit the big 25). so here is the happy couple. and i'm going to sleep.

Friday, October 06, 2006

a somewhat sort of news flash

from now on, i would like everyone to refer to me as geronimo p. ashbar. this name cancels out any previous nomenclature that you or any other person may have used to refer to me.

p.s. my friend andrew just returned from spreading freedom in iraq; i think i'm glad he's home.