Sunday, September 24, 2006

the new radical

drawing pictures during church is the new radical.

so. people have been bothering me about posting peru pictures. guess what? i am not your slave. i will not be used. you will not be a parasite off my life.

so i will post some pictures that i drew during church today. it helped me get through. i am not an artist, nor do i claim to be. and no, i am not prince hamlet, nor was i meant to be. but i think i did do peter justice. please see below.

above iss a picture of some girl looking out the window. she is scared because she doesn't want to face the alien robot that is attacking the city.

This is Peter as he prepares to give a talk in church. he is thinking a lot about atp. in fact, he can't get the krebs cycle out of his mind.

becca and i were talking and we decided to illustrate a short history of mullet. my favorite one is the one about the apostles.

so i hope everyone is having a good time. i am thinking about posting peru pictures, but i will do it on my own timeline.

thank you.

Monday, September 04, 2006

parsnips a-plenty

cute kids, right? nobody would want to hurt these little ones, right? why would anyone try to ruin their lives or, for example, try to run their house down with some sort of motorized vehicle device? i don't know. its beyond me. and yet, someone did.

that someone rented a scooter in a place called pucallpa, peru. then, he drove down to the shanty towns situated next to the ucayali river (a major feed to the amazon). then, he took hundreds of pictures of these kids and their friends. he made a fool of himself by attracting the whole neighborhood. he made them stop their volleyball game so he could photograph them. he forced himself into their volleyball game and dominated on offense and defense.

then, as he was leaving, he was kickstarting his scooter. of course, he assumed the scooter was in neutral. when he realized it wasn't, it was too late. the scooter (with him on top) flew out of control and he couldn't get to the only-functioning foot brake. he crashed over the small cement embankment you see in the picture (between the three kids and the man in the doorway). then, he went flying in the air. he tried turning the scooter, but the friction caused by the handlebars moving against only air did nothing. he crashed into the side of the small wooden house you see. the seat of the scooter popped open and hit him as he fell onto the ground. his companion was laughing hysterically. he also was laughing and spurting out something like 'lo siento' to the man who owned the house. that man helped him pick up the scooter and watched as parents protectively moved their children out of the way as he (the said gringo) started his scooter and drove off.

this guy who crashed his scooter got hurt. look at the picture of his arm. maybe it will scar. that would be super neat.