Wednesday, May 31, 2006

pelham prosthetics

hello everyone. just a quick update: hannah and i are living it up in the nyc. nothing could be better. we go to work together (are both slightly miserable because of the work), come home and nap, and then go out for glorious nights on the town. last nite we saw tarzan. the fact that i slightly, secretly, semi-enjoyed myself is a tribute to how enjoyable hannah's company is (not to the quality of the show).

in fact, its a wonder we still get along. on the way home from washington d.c. (where we saw jonny and mom and judy) i slept on her shoulder nearly the entire way. we've practically spent all out time together. the only times we disagree are when she invades my cookie dough and my cellular telephone device.

last nite we came home and i became infatuated with this fire hydrant. you know how i am with fire hydrants. here is a sneak peak at the goodness i encountered.

Friday, May 26, 2006

please give heed

do not:

watch the da vinci code


watch x-men 3.

(however, realize that x-men 3 is only for entertainment purposes. it should not be seen as anything other than good, clean escapist fun.)

i saw it last night at 12:05 am. if you go, please stay until after the credits.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

all of which are american dreams

this here poetical verse, and the accompanying audio recording give voice to what the nyc is. hear now allen ginsberg:

My Sad Self

To Frank O'Hara

Sometimes when my eyes are red
I go up on top of the RCA Building
and gaze at my world, Manhattan--
my buildings, streets I've done feats in,
lofts, beds, coldwater flats
--on Fifth Ave below which I also bear in mind,
its ant cars, little yellow taxis, men
walking the size of specks of wool--
Panorama of the bridges, sunrise over Brooklyn machine,
sun go down over New Jersey where I was born
& Paterson where I played with ants--
my later loves on 15th Street,
my greater loves of Lower East Side,
my once fabulous amours in the Bronx
paths crossing in these hidden streets,
my history summed up, my absences
and ecstasies in Harlem--
--sun shining down on all I own
in one eyeblink to the horizon
in my last eternity---
matter is water.

I take the elevator and go
down, pondering,
and walk on the pavements staring into all man's
plateglass, faces,
questioning after who loves,
and stop, bemused
in front of an automobile shopwindow
standing lost in calm thought,
traffic moving up & down 5th Avenue blocks
behind me
waiting for a moment when...

Time to go home & cook supper & listen to
the romantic war news on the radio
...all movement stops
& I walk in the timeless sadness of existence,
tenderness flowing thru the buildings,
my fingertips touching reality's face,
my own face streaked with tears in the mirror
of some window--at dusk--
where I have no desire--
for bonbons--or to own the dresses or Japanese
lampshades of intellection--

Confused by the spectacle around me,
Man struggling up the street
with packages, newspapers,
ties, beautiful sits
toward his desire
Man, woman, streaming over the pavements
red lights clocking hurried watches &
movements at the curb--

And all these streets leading
so crosswise, honking, lengthily,
by avenues

stalked by high buildings or crusted into slums
thru such halting traffic
screaming cars and engines
so painfully to this
countryside, this graveyard
this stillness
on deathbed or mountain
once seen
never regained or desired
in the mind to come
where all Manhattan that I've seen must disappear.

New York, October 1958

this is an audio post - click to play

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

persuasive carnivals of wide tarantulas

its 6:30. that means i have two hours. i need to do homework; however, i have decided to write this entry instead. so here i sit at my desk listening to a new band introduced to me by petey. and i hope that i can write this baby quickly enough to also get a paper written for school on saturday.

i have much to report. so please forgive me. this may be somewhat of a travel-log, instead of a web-log, but i have much to tell. last week i returned to the utah for to attend my lil' sister's wedding. she was a beautiful bride, her betrothed a beautiful groom, as so attested by the uploaded photograph. of course, the ceremony was beautiful, and grandpa frandsen was spiritually powerful as he explained and explicated the blessings of the temple. however, the highlight of the day for me were amys' comments. she shared her feelings for her adopted sisters and family, and explained how she came to realize the deej was the one for bill. i agree. the day continued with photographs, a reception, and a lot of clean-up. i guess i had fun as the hired hand on the bass in the corner. i, of course, had a good time seeing old friends, especially James and Becca Kearl, ryan and angie lemon, and sugar.

the next morning the three frandsen 'men' headed down to the desert. moab called and we heeded its beckoning. after much discussion, we decided to head down thursday morning, in time for a 10:00 ride of porcupine rim. what can i say? it was perfect. check us out.

we were tired to the very bone after the ride. so we crashed our favorite moab motel, stole/borrowed some towels to act as our pillows/light-blockers, and took a nap next to the pool. i think i lost more energy sleeping, seeing as how i woke up in a pool of sweat.

either way, we woke up and headed to amasa back, my favorite moab ride. but i was tired and couldn't do a thing up the front side. but, i soon got my legs back. only to confront the back side, called jackson's track. the link i just gave you said to not 'even think about the single track that goes down the backside.' but paul led us down. and i nearly died twice. seriously. death.

are you still reading this? i'll bet peter stopped a long time ago. skinny probably never started. libby is not even thinking about computers or blogs. but paul is probably still reading. what about you, jonny?

well. the backside was beautiful. check out the pablo.

we kept riding. it was nearing sunset. but we battled on, in a war against the sunlight (as some over-serious biker chic told us). paul had heard that we might have to ford the stream that is usually not full. well, spring-time or recent rains put the water mid-way up our stomachs. we came to the water and debated what to do. paul, with virtually no hesitation, stripped down to nothing and anxiously waded across the water, commenting several times how pleasant the brackish water was to his body. i told him to beware of man-part-eating lizards. he nakedly forded the stream several times to secure our belongings. he is such a hero. then he told us we must do the same with our bikes. jonny excitedly stripped down. i, of course, followed. nothing like chillin' naked with just the brothers. check out the pics (if you dare).

this be me.

this be paul, as is evidenced by his wedding ring (notice ladies: he does have a wedding ring--this body is all amy's).

this be jonny. he's married too, ladies. don't even think about it. dd: no touchy.

this be all of us. in this picture i am the only available one. check out that body. boo yes. so, if there were only three guys in the whole world, i would be the only available one. bring it on, ladies.

well. we came home for a funeral the next day. it was sad.

the next day paul blessed his babies. it was happy. he has a cute family. michael is the cutest thing. ever. check out their pic.

they is be the cutest family ever invented. except, of course, for my future family. that smile on michael was induced only after promising him a 'special treat,' a trick i picked up from my teaching days (regretably).

the next thing i want to tell you is that i bought a new camera. consequently my old one is for sale. let me know if yous wants it. and this last picture is of petey and me on the day i bought the new hardware (notice how i didn't get all pretentious and say petey and i?).

you finish it, petey? it's now 7:27. i split my time perfectly. and the album is just finished. looks like i better both listen to something else, and write something else.