Sunday, January 29, 2006


lately, i've been thinking about big words that start with c. but when i think about that, for some reason the only word that comes to mind is catsup. and then i think about what my mother calls catsup and mustard. you remember ma?

but then i start thinking about big words that start with c, because the teacher in sunday school today brought up some of these words. i will list a few: catechism, cyclone, cataract, constructivism, capitalism, companionship, compliation, construe, conspire, creationism, comparative, comprehensive, colonoscopy, chiasmus, citadel, cops, chide, chortle, and cooperation.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

ups is like this guy

the guy from the ups call center

please, if at all possible, do not ship using ups. they are not helpful and their customer service is extremely lacking. do everything you can do to ship with another company. this is my way of striking back. "the d the e the f the i the a the n the c the e. mind of a revolutionary."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

jack needs us...part II

24 debrief session
(paul: if you aren't current in your episodes then don't read this)

1: chloe is my hero.

2: ryan, my roomate, thinks chloe and edgar stiles are going to hook up. i couldn't disagree more.

3: walt cummings is involved in a larger scheme--some kind of cia plot to destabilize russia and bring us back the cold war. why else do we care at all about moscow? he must believe he is acting for the good of the country. plus, no one but the cia could know jack is alive.

4: stewart (is that the name of the dude up with whom chloe hooked?) is a good guy. he was duped by 'agent cummings,' as he referred to him, who is being duped by another higher up (the dude who is always on a head-set by a menacing screen with a lot of numbers).

5: do you think president palmer is really dead?

6: chase (kim's husband) will return somehow.

7: i keep saying it, and petey hates it, but jack is going to die this season. what better ending for 24 than jack's death?

8: before jack dies, however, he's going to find the first lady and somehow carry on his seed. plus, they will find the nerve gas together.

9: jack will get captured in this next episode by all the president's men but escape because that's what he does.

10: jack's kill count right now for the season is at 8.

11: samwise the brave--the higher up from division--is a mole. he is also rudy.

12: jack's going to kill samwise the brave because no hobbit can cut it at ctu.

12: the 24 parties at our house will continue to grow in popularity: all are invited.

13: isn't sad that i've spent almost 30 minutes so far on this post?

14: i think my dad might be watching this season. if so, then 24 has succeeded in its purpose.

15: jack kills people with scissors.

16: tony will speak for the first time at 3:13 pm.

17: jack already has one broken rib. how many other things will happen to his body?

if you aren't watching this one during the season then you shouldn't have read this post. if you are then i commend you. now watch arrested development because it is much better.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

textual relations

the text message: virtue or vice? is it a plague consuming our social intercourse or a modern convenience prompting better and fuller relationships? originally, when i first purchased a cellular communication device, i refused to communicate via textual means. even receiving a message annoyed me because of the 5 cent fee. i would return text messages with telephone calls.

then everything changed when i met peter shigeki. he thrived off textual communication. i soon realized the convenience and ease of use; however, was i sacrificing something more substantial to participate in the convenience of rapid and easy communique (communique acutally means 'an official announcment,' but i figured i would use it anyway)? did my cousin lead me down a path of less full relationships and eternal convenience, or did he open a new world of effective relationship building?

recently, i changed my cellular telephone plan to include unlimited text messages. what have i done? have i sold my soul and traded my birthright for a mess of porrage? paul: i know this doesn't interest you. this is not your scene. so, as an objective observer i'm sure your comments would be helpful. skinny, i don't care what you think about it.

also, i even question my use of this web log. is it indeed exhibitionism, as some claim? should i continue my use of this means of expression? i know not. but i do post random pictures that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. and i haven't done anything in preparation for school today. so...what does it all mean?

well, ma, i'm sorry this isn't like last post. but what can i do.


Monday, January 16, 2006

jack needs us...

Paul and Jonny—my two oldest brothers. My two married brothers. This break we spent some time together and prepared jonny for marriage (ok, paul actually prepared him for marriage and I listened—but I did throw in my two cents). It was the best Christmas break in recent memory. So I guess you could say this first paragraph is a tribute to the frandsen brothers. May our biking continue together for years to come--regardless of relocations, wives (which I like to call ball and chains), incarcerations, or operations. Right now we span five hours in time zones and over 4,894 miles. And yet I was able to call jonny last night and ask him the last violin concerto he played before his mission because I heard it on an ipod and couldn’t place it. Here’s to you brothers: “hey brothers.”

Now on to other things: the bests in my last two weeks since the break.

Best Tuesday night activity: Alban Berg’s Wozzeck at the metropolitan opera. Atonal with a late romantic feel, Berg condemns the world he has grown to know in 1922. He sets a 19th century play to 20th century music and damns the first world war and all other societal influences that destroy Wozzeck. The met’s rendition was simple and stark, the lighting and set doing almost as much work as the singers. And of course, it was a treat to see James Levine do his thing.

Best Thursday night activity: The Ying Quartet at Symphony Space on 95th and broadway. Combined with musical scientist Todd Machover, they juxtaposed Bach, Beethoven, Byrd, the Beatles, Cage, Eliot, and Machover’s own composition. Machover strung all the parts together with interludes, sound mixing, and multimedia. The result was a strange journey through musical history. Also, it made me realize how much I enjoy the newer stuff (not that I didn’t enjoy Bach or Beethoven—it’s just that sometimes 20th century music is not portrayed well).

Best Monday night activity: purchasing an automobile device on ebay.

Best weekend activity: going to Boston to pick up the automobile device.

Best morning activity: driving to school.

Best Saturday afternoon activity: BODIES…the exhibition. South Seaport gave us the bodies exhibition and we went with KD Garvin and Petey as our guides. They told us everything about the body and we saw it all revealed. My favorites: the circulatory system display, the nervous system display, and of course the reproductive system. Thanks for the explanations petey, KD, and dad (remember when you gave me the talk at chuck’a’rama when I was twelve? You had diagrams and charts.).

Best tv show: 24 season premiere.

Best new discovery: the ruins.

Best Friday night activity: the MOMA and then Benny’s Burrito’s on Greenwich avenue.

Worst activity: buying car insurance.

Well, I’m sure petey hasn’t made it this far without skimming. Sorry cousin. Peace out everybody. Let me know some of your bests for the past two weeks.

Monday, January 09, 2006

i was thinking about Isis and how she thought I was so reckless

I was just doing my lesson plans for tomorrow and I realized that I haven’t web logged in a long time. I have a lot to share. I want to share it. I will share it. But peter said he doesn’t like long web logs. So this time I will not share everything. I will just share this and the pyramids all embedded in ice.