Monday, October 27, 2008

in loving memory

my tears dry slowly due to the passing of the second season of mad men.

pete campbell: you are almost likable!

don draper: you have emotions!

betty: i love you!

peggy: you are absolved!

joan: don't marry the rapist!

so until july, i will wait patiently and hopefully to find out what pete eventually did with the gun.


Susan said...

I love that show! Looking to buy the DVD's from the first season. I'm hoping for a new season of "Breaking Bad". And hoping that "Dexter" will be shown or regular TV this year again. Language and blood are just a bit to much for me. You should try watching the Showtime series "Dead Like Me". It's very clever. I bought the series, love it!

Ben is getting transferred this Wed. maybe he'll be somewhere by you.

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

susan: i have a friend that works for AMC. breaking bad starts up again in March. I've watched all three seasons of Dexter and I will look up "Dead Like Me" definitely. Hopefully Ben is close to me. It would be great to see him.

Susan said...

Just found out he will be in Middletown still. When he is done he will have spent 1/3 of his mission there.